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Anchorbird Wholesale Global Sourcing and 6 good reasons to choose for us

Anchorbird and 6 great reasons to work with us

July 10, 2020

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Anchorbird and 6 great reasons to work with us

What are Anchorbird’s Unique Selling Points?

When we talked about Anchorbird, one of our friends asked us a question: What is Anchorbird’s Unique Selling Point? Our first reaction was surprise, is that not obvious? We are the smartest, the cheapest, the best! But then again, it is a valid question that deserves an honest reply. So, for our friend and for those who think we are just another one of those online dropshippers who want to make a quick buck with cheap products, here is a list of our USP’s!

On-site presence!

Unlike intermediate companies, sourcing companies, vendor platforms, or dropshippers, we make sure to have employees on location. We rely on suppliers to produce but we make sure that our technical team inspects the factories. The inspections happen firstly beforehand, i.e. before we sign a collaboration agreement with the suppliers before we put their products in our catalog. Anchorbird makes sure to only work with suppliers who guarantee a pre-defined level of quality and produce according to a strict set of rules (in terms of safety and quality).

We are excellent in communication!

Communication is an aspect that is not to be overlooked because usually you work with suppliers from other countries who may or may not speak fluently English. We make sure to work with employees who speak the language of the supplier, and who also fluently speak the languages of our customers.

Quality guaranteed!

With our pre-production factory checks, we already guarantee that our chosen suppliers are at the top of their game. We also do the extra mile to do a quality check during production. Just drop us an email and we will make all the necessary arrangements.

Price guaranteed!

Despite the high quality, we do not charge you extra for it. We make sure to be competitive in terms of price, otherwise what’s the point of doing sourcing?

CIF and more!

We take care of all the administration related to export and shipping. You just relax and wait until the goods arrive at your designated port!


We put it all out there for you! Our certificates, the prices, the cost breakdown, the prices per extra services,… you can find all the information on our website. We make sure to be as transparent as possible because we believe that transparency is key to efficiency! And of course… because we have nothing bad to hide! 

Start your journey with Anchorbird S.A.S. now and find your next product in our Shop:

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