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Social Media in B2B & 5 great reasons for using it

August 17, 2020

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Social Media in B2B & 5 great reasons for using it

The importance of Social Media

Social media is currently THE platform for companies to do marketing, but somehow B2B companies are not as present as they should be. Cold callings, mailings, and advertisements through more traditional channels are still more the norm than social media.

This is quite shocking since surveys have shown that social media is probably the most effective marketing channel for B2B. Let’s break down why social media should be in every B2B’s marketing plan.


It should not come as a surprise that social media is as valuable for B2B as for a B2C, because even B2B companies deal with people. Even people who buy for companies will go online and check for the company website, reviews, and other online information before doing a purchase. A company that has little online presence will most likely get pushed aside for one that has a more extensive online presence. Getting everywhere on that www is therefore the message!

Show your knowledge!

Don’t be fooled, social media is more than posting a picture or a status! It can be used to publish articles and attract the right crowd to it. Many companies have a blog section on their website where they post articles with the knowledge that is helpful for the reader. Showing your company’s expertise is beneficial when the customer has to choose between so many options. Expertise in turn generates potential leads. Do you see where we’re heading to?


They say that image is everything, and the same goes for companies, even B2B companies. A well-thought-out social media plan immediately shows professionalism and strategic thinking. This in turn only enhances the credibility of your company, which can only be beneficial for business.

Show your value!

With so many competitors in the field, the trick is not only to be known but also to stand out. Social media is an easy way to do so. Publish content that is different from others, that shows what you really are about, and be sure to attract a crowd that will follow.

Develop relationships

The biggest advantage of social media is probably this: close contact. The interaction that you will have with your audience is priceless. From generating polls to asking questions, replying to comments, and receiving feedback, which another marketing platform gives you cheap access to your potential buyer except for social media? The contact is not only with potential customers, but is wider than that: competitors, players from related industries, potential partners,… Social media is the way to establish contact. Who knows what kind of positive partnerships come out of it.

Of course, every aspect of the above leads to one goal: Generate Sales. Social media has to be built like a Lego tower: lay the foundation of credibility and knowledge, add professionalism and value, create close contact with customers, industries, competitors, and partners,… With every brick, the step to generating sales gets closer. Just like everything in marketing, the effect of certain strategies is not always direct. But what you can immediately see, is the response of the public to your social media strategy. This fast response can help you fine-tune your strategy along the way. For more tips and tricks on how to do social media for B2B, check out our next article.

Don’t forget to check out our Shoo page to get a first-hand glimpse of how we implemented social media:

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